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BBQ Tips & Recipes!

They say the devil’s in the details. I say God is in the details or in this case… the party gods! It’s the details that turn a get-together into a party that everyone raves about all over town. Famous Dave’s Barbecue Party Cookbook is filled not-only with mouth-watering recipes, but we packed it full of food, grilling, smoking, and party tips like these!

Sandwich Display Ideas!

BurgerGrillIt’s easy to pile up sandwiches on a platter, but don’t take the easy way out. Figure out fun ways to display your sandwiches and make your party the one everyone talks about all over town. Simple ideas like using mini-grills are a fun way to feature your BBQ sandwiches. Sometimes you need toothpicks to hold big sandwiches together… make sure you use creative fun picks that turn everyday sandwiches into feature attractions!

Charcoal Chimney

Chimneys are great for starting charcoal briquettes, so you can avoid the fuel taste of lighter fluid. I often have several chimneys going at different times, which gives me different timing options. Wad up newspapers to light the chimney; the design utilizes natural outdoor wind currents to get your coals glowing hot.

A Towering Barbecue Sauce Fountain

Famous Dave's Barbecue Sauce Fountain
Get your barbecue party started by throwing out the old fondue forks and turning your chocolate fountain into a fountain for barbecue sauce. Your guests will go bonkers slathering their bones in this waterfall of barbecue sauce goodness!

Prepping The Grill

After your clean grate has heated up, take a clean rag or folded-up paper towel and dip it into some cooking oil. Then, holding your paper towel with your tongs, wipe the grate with oil and immediately place your food on the grill. The greased grate helps prevent your food from sticking.

Food Garnishing

WatermelonPIG-1Get a book on food garnishing. You can really jumpstart a platter with decorative garnishes made out of real food. Creating fun garnishes to dress up your party platters are the subtle “wow factors” that get people talking about your party.

Smoke Ring

Often when folks get a smoked rib or chicken they notice a “redness” on the outside edge of the meat and wonder if the meat is undercooked. This pink color or redness is called a “Smoke Ring.” This occurs when the natural juices of the meat combine with real smoke. A perfectly smoked meat will proudly display this outer edge smoke ring. This is a sign you are eating real barbecue done right!