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If you want everyone to leave your party, saying…“WOW what a fun party! We’ve never had so much fun and the food rocked the house!!! …I am just dying to get my hands on a few of those recipes—they were so delish!” Then you’re going to absolutely love my new BBQ Party Cookbook!

Most folks may be interested to know that my restaurants got their start from my rockin’ & rollin’ backyard BBQ parties. Before I ever opened up my first restaurant, I would invite my friends over for an old-fashioned backyard barbeque and would feed them new recipes that I was working on. I WOW’d them with my appetizers, my grilled and smoked meats, and fresh-from-the-oven desserts… and they would say, “Dave you just absolutely have to open up your own restaurant! Your cooking is amazing and the flavors are so robust… your restaurant is going to be a sure winner!”

Today, Famous Dave’s is one of the fastest-growing barbeque restaurant companies in America, including winning over 700 Best of Class awards… more than any other restaurant in America, including the renowned restaurants in New York City or the famed celebrity chef restaurants in Las Vegas. You know what they say, “It ain’t braggin’ if it’s the truth!” To say BBQ parties have made me who I am today, would be a huge understatement. In fact, I am proud to say, Nation’s Restaurant News has declared Famous Dave’s as one of “America’s Hot Concepts!”

Throughout the years, many people have stopped me in my restaurant asking me for my barbecue secrets. So, by popular demand, I am sharing my best recipes that you can have fun serving to your family and friends at your next party, pignic, tailgate, or neighborhood shindig. Here’s the most important thing about this cookbook…it is not just a book of recipes. Hopefully the process you go through to make these recipes will transform how you think about cooking in general. This cookbook is all about extracting the purest flavors out of each ingredient and then carefully “stacking flavors” to create the best tasting food possible. I know you’re going to love my recipes, so… throw a party, have fun, and enjoy!

“May you always be surrounded by good friends and great barbeque!”

Rib-O-Liciously Yours,

“Famous Dave” Anderson, Founder
Famous Dave’s of America, Inc.
The World’s Best BBQ Joint and America’s Best Tasting Ribs!